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Your New Agency.

For your Magnolia Projects.

Take your CMS Project to the next level.

One of our Founder alone has more than 20 Years experience within the Enterprise Content Management field.

He contributed to Open Source Projects such as Apache Sling (e.g. the HTL library and specification) and influenced well known commercial Systems like Adobe AEM. Knowing all the pitfalls, our goal at SOLUTAS is to unfold the full potential of your existing Content Management System or to lift up your new Project.

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Full Power of Enterprise but lightway Development

For us as at SOLUTAS, Magnolia CMS is bringing back the fun when implementing Enterprise Web Projects.

Magnolia CMS is a strong stable system build in Java on top of JCR. But with it's unique way of Light Development, paired with the option to take advantage of the ready to use Magnolia Cloud, it will accelerate any Project in unbelievable dimensions.

Right from the beginning, we can focus on your actual Goal, knowing there are no limits because of the strong background of Magnolia CMS.

Jam. JAM. JAMStack.

At its core, Jamstack is a modern web development architecture. JAM refers to client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs and prebuilt Markup. Jamstack allows you to improve site performance by rendering out a set of static pages at build time and deploying them to a content delivery network (CDN).

Unlike many established Agencies in this Sector, we started our journey with the strong belief that in order to be successful you need to fully boost the Frontend implementation, especially with Java baked CMS Systems.


We are very strong in the Java World but we do love Frontend development. Since we as a company are feeling at home in both worlds equaly there will be no more miscommunication between "Backend" and "Frontend" Development. You will see creative Solutions, such as adding a GraphQL layer to your portfolio to handle legacy systems. SOLUTAS is a Cloud Native Company.

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We got your Project

We are not going to tell you any buzzwords about Agile and TDD Development. We are sure you have heart about it enough.

At the core, we do our implementation using our Agile Methodology. But weather you are using Prince, Hermes or any other Methodology, we are able to embedd our Engineering effort within your existing Project Management framework. SOLUTAS has also experience in working in regulated environments.

Successful with 4D

Usually we are going to phases like Discovery, Define, Develop, Deliver.

We are using a methodology called Story Mapping to fully plan out your desired featureset and to comeup with a reasonable Roadmap. You know exactly what will be delivered and what is planed. This makes it easier for you to communicate the progress and future planing to your internal Stakeholders.


Enough talking, let's get in touch with us. We are happy to give you a Demo and showcase our unique approach.