Your Local Partner.

For small business owners.

We Small Businesses. We to impact.

Our goal is to support our Local Small and Micro-Business. We believe that you can benefit from our extensive knowledge in Digitalization.

We have worked as futurists and have developed prototypes more than 15 years ago from the world we are living in Today.

Don't be ok with just following what is needed today, but build up your business to be up-to-date and ready for what ever will happen in the future. We love to partner with you.

We to innovate. And we are right in your Neighborhood.

We believe, you don't need to wait for the silicon valley to bring us a solution, changing and adapting it until it fits your local market.

We are already building them, no customization, because we have and are building the future together with you.

Weather it will be a Mobile App, PWA, Intranet, Website,E-Commerce, IoT,... you name it - we got your back!

So, you will not read anything like Wordpress, Jimdo, Shopify, PHP, WooCommerce or anything alike form us. Tell us your challenge and we will show you an actually matching solution. Get in touch with us, we are happy to help!