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About Us.

Our two Founders do have two totally different and unique Backgrounds. Janine, a licensed Nurse and Şenol, a Computer Scientist. While both have had working in different domains, they both realized that technology, especially in Software Engineering needs to be crafted around actual Human beings.​

Processes and Solutions need to be easy to understand and usable to be successfully adapted.​

Merging over 10 Years experience in LifeScience, Tele Medicine, practicing Nursing with more than 20 Years experience in Software Engineering in Digital Marketing, Media and Television resulted in SOLUTAS, because simplicity matters.​

true friends

Our Current Setup.

  • Janine Managing Director, Operations, co-owner
  • Şenol Managing Director, Engineering, co-owner
  • René Managing Partner, Sales, & Soluneo
  • Clelia Product & Community Manager, Trainings &
  • Lucas Intern, Frontend and Cloud Engineering
.... and a big network of hightly skilled friends.