Every Digital Challenge, One Subscription Solution.

Unveiling the Digital Consulting Pass

Bypass bureaucracy with our Consulting Subscription: Gain instant expertise in Web Content Management, E-commerce, and more. No delays, no fuss. All made possible by SOLUTAS.

Crafting Resilient Digital Teams

Our Specialization

Empowering In-House Excellence: For enterprises aiming to establish their in-house digital teams, our consulting subscription offers the guidance, expertise, and strategies required. We empower you to transition seamlessly, ensuring you become self-reliant and can successfully phase out external agency dependence.

Agency Team Building & Growth: Agencies on the path to building or expanding their teams will benefit immensely. We understand the nuances of creating high-performing digital teams. With our insights, agencies can confidently onboard new members, integrate them effectively, and ensure they're up to date with the latest in the digital world.

With our subscription, you benefit from insights tailored to both setting up and enhancing top-tier internal teams.

Yearly Subscription, Tailored Assistance
With Digital Consulting Pass, secure multiple consulting days annually, adapted for your specific requirements. From regular support during updates to adapting to the latest digital trends, we're here to guide you.

Always Here For You
Get direct answers from SOLUTAS experts, personal coaching from our experienced consultants, and exclusive access to invaluable digital tools and scripts.
Unparalleled Convenience
Easy access to your consulting days, no tedious internal approvals, and consistent guidance from consultants familiar with your business. Scale your available consulting days as needed.
Transparent Terms
Our agreement is clear and straightforward, with provisions for contract initiation, proportional adjustments, auto-renewals, and detailed service terms for the best experience

Features & Benefits

Dive into the standout features of our subscription that put your digital endeavors on the forefront.
Tailored Digital Master
Our Consulting Subscription isn't one-size-fits-all. We prioritize understanding your unique needs in Web Content Management, E-commerce, and beyond, offering bespoke consultancy solutions that ensure you're always ahead in the digital game.
Flexibility at Its Best
Our model allows for adjustments based on when you initiate your contract. Whether you're looking to start mid-year or from the get-go, we accommodate your needs ensuring you always get the value you've signed up for.
Seamless Communication Channels
Stay in constant touch with our experts through dedicated email and exclusive Microsoft Teams channels. Real-time communication means your queries are addressed promptly, ensuring smooth project flows.
Defined Consultation Durations
We respect your time. Engagements are based on clearly defined durations, ensuring you're never left guessing about consultancy hours. With a base charge starting as low as 15 minutes for chat queries, you're assured precise billing
On-Site Consultations
Need us to be there in person? We offer on-site meetings, giving you the flexibility to have our experts right where you need them. We handle projects on a full-day basis when on location, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your needs.
Exclusivity with SOLUTAS
Beyond the usual consultancy, our subscription offers a relationship. You're not just another client; you're a partner. Our commitment is to provide you with consistent, reliable, and cutting-edge support for your digital endeavors.
Transparent Boundaries
Our Consulting Subscription ensures you always know what's included. And if ever your requirements exceed our subscription's scope, we're transparent about the need for separate agreements, guaranteeing there are no hidden surprises.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Choose the Right Digital Consulting Pass for Your Business at a Glance
Foundation Pass
16 Hours / Month
CHF 2'960*
  • Realtime Chat Channel
  • E-Mail Channel
  • Access to Monthly Team Session
Advanced Pass
32 Hours / Month
CHF 5'280*
  • Realtime Chat Channel
  • E-Mail Channel
  • Access to Monthly Team Session
  • Exclusive Access to Weekly 1:1 Sessions
    up to 4 Team Members
Supreme Pass
64 Hours / Month
CHF 10'560*
  • Realtime Chat Channel
  • E-Mail Channel
  • Access to Monthly Team Session
  • Exclusive Access to Weekly 1:1 Sessions
    up to 4 Team Members
  • Access to direct phone line during business hours

Meet the Team Behind SOLUTAS

Delivering Swiss Quality Digital Solutions
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About Us

Welcome to SOLUTAS, a Swiss hub of innovation and digital excellence. Rooted in Switzerland, Basel, we are a startup committed to translating limitless possibilities into tangible solutions. Our team is led by our Co-Founder, Şenol Taş, an industry veteran who refined his expertise at globally renowned companies like Adobe Systems, Magnolia and Hessischer Rundfunk.
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Our Journey

SOLUTAS embodies Swiss precision and innovation. We offer cutting-edge digital solutions, spanning from social mobile applications, multi brand and multi lingual sites, e-commerce to digital signage solutions. We believe in forging partnerships with our clients, offering personalized support to take their businesses to new heights. With a unique ability to breathe life back into faltering projects, we guarantee the success and sustainability of your investment.
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Our Expertise

Just as Switzerland is known for its meticulous timepieces, we at SOLUTAS pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver on time, within budget, and with the right scope. Our business consultation services encompass escalation management, business analyses, agile coaching, project methodology, digital marketing consulting, process optimization, and delivery management.

For those seeking tech-focused expertise, here are just some of many areas we excel in:

  • Magnolia Headless CMS Experts
  • AEM
  • Rust Development
  • Webassembly
  • Frontend Experts
  • React, Lit, Angular, Vue, ...
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Our Team

At SOLUTAS, our Swiss values of unity and diversity are the bedrock of our innovation. Guided by Şenol Taş, our multicultural team—fluent in German, English, and French—capitalizes on the unique expertise each member brings to the table.

Şenol Taş stands out as a pioneering thought leader and strategist for digital transformation. His adeptness at leading and executing intricate software projects for global organizations is unparalleled. With over 20 years of experience in web application development and enterprise content management systems, Şenol has successfully helmed numerous projects for elite global brands in multifaceted roles. Not only is he the mastermind behind the headless accelerator and has had extensive involvement with Magnolia, but he also invented the original HTL scripting language utilized by AEM. Additionally, he was at the forefront of podcast and multi-channel production at Hessischer Rundfunk. His singular vantage point—having witnessed product development from the perspectives of client, customer, partner, and vendor offers him a holistic view of the digital expanse.

Though our roots are in Switzerland, SOLUTAS' influence resonates on a global scale.

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We Are Your Magnolia Solution Partner.

Magnolia puts you first with a business-ready composable DXP that fits your unique digital delivery pipeline and accelerates your business outcomes. Create a truly composable business by connecting every legacy and headless system. Streamline the way your teams work with intelligent workflows and a full array of templates and blueprints. And provide a unified authoring experience that empowers every business user to get fast, personalized experiences live regardless of tech stack.

With over 450 enterprise customers, thousands of Community Edition deployments, and more than 200 certified Magnolia Partners around the world, Magnolia is the business-ready composable DXP of choice for leading companies around the world, including American Express, JetBlue, The New York Times, CNN, Sanofi, Sainsbury’s, Generali, and Ping An.

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